Sunday, 22 March 2015

How to flush clean

We feel embarrassed to see Poop  floating around in toilet seat. Some times we flush toilets again and again to get rid of them and it requires lot of water and time. Many times we feel embarrassed to poop in seat where some one's poop is already hanging around. You couldn't avoid that inevitable insanity and gushing fowl smell.

I have a simple solution for you.You may call it Poop-science or "Poopology". If you do it in your home, you will never face this problem again.

Here we go, News paper  completely disintegrates  when soaked in water and is bio-degradable too.

1.Take a news paper 11"X13"

2.Make a crease at one end and fold as shown.

3.Lock the fold by another reverse fold as shown.

4. Now a paper bowl is ready.

5.This bowl can hold the poop in your toilet seat for approx 5 min.

6.Place the paper bowl in your toilet seat as shown.

Note: The locked fold should face the front, as it leaves some space for Urine to flow down.

Now the seat is read to be pooped.

your poop falls into paper receptacle. You don't even feel those nasty water bouncing on your bottom now. When your urinate it escapes the bowl through the gap leaving the paper dry.When you finish, push the flush knob. The paper flap closes automatically due to water flow and all the poop disappears into drain leaving nothing behind.You don`t find any poop floating around now.

When you feel you are having loose stools, use two paper bowls together that can retain watery stools much longer.

This can  give you hygienic pooping experience and after all 'Hygienic pooping' is every one's right.

I personally use this simple tip at my home. I have no clogged drains or any fuss till now. The paper naturally when soaked in water becomes soft and poses no problems in toilet drains. It decomposes naturally along with poop in septic tank.

Feel free to share this Idea!